Happy New Year  to old and new customers and to all those, who visit my gallery. It is always a pleasure to share the interest in arts with visitors.

In 2019 I have primarily worked with commissions for customers in Denmark and abroad.

I have also used the year on developing new painting technics  and perfecting the old proven methods.  Creating art is a process ever changing and developing.  This makes i possible to  stand  in front of the canvas every day and still feel the challenge, the inspiration and the joy.










Happy NewYear to all my customers and visitors in my gallery .

I have had extremely many visitors in my gallery this year.  The summer in Denmark was unusually warm and Ærø felt almost as a tropical island wih many more tourists and visitors than ever. That means that more paintings are sold and more commisions ordered.  That again means a busy 2019. 

The little video on my homepage is unfortunately not translated, but it still gives a glimpse of my works and of the island Ærø I talk about the light and the different assignments I have worked on. And I talk about being an artist and that to me that is all that matters.


Exhibitions various places.

The weather has been changing a lot providing fantastic colours and drama in the sea and sky and giving lots of inspirtaion. 


The year 2017 is beginning to take shape

Exhibitions, assignments and commisions are agreed on.

2016 was a busy year.

Exhibitions, also local at Søbygård and Marstal Maritime Museum with other painters. Exciting commissions  creating paintings for interesting people, who want paintings, which exactly meet their wishes. That is never boring.

During the summer as always a busy time at the Gallery and it is often there that new exhibitions etc. are planned.

Teaching the young people at Ærø as I have done for many years is always inspiring and so is  experiencing the new generations passion for drawing and painting.



In December 2015 I had an exhibition at Ritzaus Bureau, Copenhagen, as well as exhibitions during the summer.



The turn of the year marked the end of the adornment of the beautiful former Danish Bank building in Marstal with veneration for the maritime history of Marstal and the stately buildning.

The next working process is now in the studio with the paintings for the exhibition in the Gallery in Prinsensgade, Marstal.



End of the year - exhibition at ARC, Copenhagen

In June and July I have an exhibition at Great Belt Bridge Ltd. Halsskov and Copenhagen.

In the spring I have created a poster related to the 500 years jubilee of Marstal related to Marstal before and now.

This year begins with an exhibition in the town hall of Ærø.

The exhibition shows both the classic works inspired by seasons and the nature as well as new ways of using form and colours in another context



The year begins with many working hours in my studio in order to get all the paintings in my head down on the canvas. The new year has new exhibistions etc on the program.

Wintertime is also a time for teaching my young and grown up pupils. It is always very inspiring to share the passion for painting, the technics etc. with others.

October -  November I have been invited to exhibit my paintings Faxe Bryggeris Art Club.



Paintings for Marstal Church inspired by the altarpiece and the significant colours in the church - unveiled during a special service November 2012

Right now I plan and work with a separate exhibition for Marstal Maritime Museum. The exhibition takes place late sommer 2012, August and September.  Old and newer sea charts which have been around the world onboard the ships in the shipowning firm  H.C. Grube - I have used as background for various paintings and illustrations. An interesting journey.

Besides this work with the sea charts  I have worked with new paintings on canvas which now are ready to be presented in my gallery.

November 2012 I have been invited  to exhibit my paintings at the Scandinavian Tobacco Group.