Artist Rita Lund

I was born in North Zealand, Denmark, and I now live on a small island, Aero, in the beautiful South Danish archipelago, in the sailor town Marstal.

I am represented in various private and public collections in Denmark and abroad, as well as in collections owned by companies, art societies, municipalities etc.

The island Aeroe, is a perfect place for me as a painter to work - surrounded by the water, the sky and light - my never-ending source of inspiration.

I always base my paintings on an actual motif, but it is the colours, the light and the feeling, the atmosphere, of the painting which for me is crucial. The influence of Nature with its variations of colours and the influence of the light related to the seasons creates a constant nerve in my paintings.

To paint »the very work of painting« is for me a necessity, a way to live, a tangible result following a process of creation. Which how hard though this sometimes may be »is a process I never question.«