Working methods

Assignments, public or private.
The customer and I discuss the commission, sometimes the customer has a clear vision regarding the job, other times the customer and I together develop the project. Subsequently I start the process of painting the decided/required in my manner.

Assignments on a smaller scale follows the same method and embraces a lot of very different motifs: seascapes, special landscapes, portraits etc.

The working process concerning my free works is a bit different. I see the world - cloud formations, a wave, a tree, the essence of a landscape, the weather - and remember the motif/the impression in order to bring it into a painting process later. *The inspiration does not come while you wait for it*.

As a  painter it is very important for me to work at my studio all the time. The inspiration and the ideas are generated during the working process facing the canvas. That is the red thread concerning free as well as ordered works.