Some of the latest assignments:

Paintings for Marstal church, Ærø

The Danish church in Vancouver, Canada

"The Northern Light", European Parliament, Bruxelles
Special exhibition - invited by the Parliament.

Kieler Yacht Club, Kiel, Germany

Ritzaus Bureau, Copenhagen

Minors Minde, Marstal

Adornment of former Danish Bank building, Marstal

ARC, Copenhagen

The Great Belts Art Sodciety

Ærø town hall

Paintings for SH Group A/S Svendborg

Tobacco company

Faxe Bryggeri

Augustenborg Castle

Novo Nordisk

Alm. Brand
Head office, Copenhagen


Head office, Odense

Scandinavian Tobacco  Group


The artcalender: The Sea - The four Seasons

Decoration/paintings for passenger/car ferries Fyen-Aeroe: M/F ÆRØSKØBING and M/F MARSTAL

Decoration/painting for  passenger/car ferry: M/F CHRISTINE-FEJØ.

Flower Collection; Minicards Lilac Leaf U.K.

Painting for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ordered by the municipalities of Aeroe for the Queens 60th birthday.

Decoration/painting for the Congress and Conference Hotel Ærø Strand.

Painting for collection of Poems "glæde er mange ting" written by Grete Thorulf.

Painting for Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seaman's Church.

The Danish Headquarter for General Staff of Defence.

Vienna, Austria, The Danish Culture Institute in Austria.

Painting for the International Peoples College, Ellsinore, Denmark.

Separate Exhibitions, Marstal Maritime Museum: 1999/2003/2007/2012. (permanently represented at Marstal Maritime Museum).

Art Societies all over Denmark